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The Complex of Miralmasi International Trade Group was established in 1993 for the purpose of operating in the context of international trade and has, to date, come a long way in its attempts to make progress in this field by obtaining invaluable experiences in order to develop technology and provide raw materials for companies and manufacturing factories with the cooperation of its sympathetic managers.
Our dedicated managers and expert collaborators always aim at recognizing customers’ needs and providing optimized services across the country using the goods of best quality and raw materials.
Presently, this complex consists of 17 separated units involved in importing and exporting variety of steel and alloy sheets as well as wooden products from Asian countries including China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Japan and Korea and European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Russia, Belarus; importing different types of automobiles ; importing different types of trailers, road construction machinery; unit for processing orders. Collecting these sections under the same name, this complex is trying to provide full services to governmental organizations and institutions as well as private companies and people.
Increasing the quality of products according to world standards cannot be obtained by chance. A long-term research vision, international marketing, domestic marketing and a reasonable purchase, supply and support are our strategic attitudes at work, an attitude that is proved by what has been done and experienced by the Complex of Miralmasi International Trade Group, which has brought about customers’ satisfaction.
It is hoped that we can benefit from our experience and our expertise in order to obtain the best results.