The moral charter for managers and personals in Miralmasi Trading Company.

The managers and the stuffs of Miralmasi company are of the view that:

  • The customer is primary; therefore meeting customers’ legitimate demands and satisfaction is obligatory.
  • Listening to customers is the most important principle for good communication.
  • Punctuality, commitment and accuracy in providing desirable services to customers and respecting their rights are the most important tasks of the employees in the company.
  • Trust, integrity, honesty, humility and responsibility support the business and profession of the employees in dealing with our customers.
  • Providing facilities, peace of mind for our customers, doing affairs on time and avoiding the waste of customers’ precious time are the main tasks of the employees in the company.
  • The evaluation of the performance of the employees is based on our customers’ satisfaction.
  • Presenting new ways to serve and reform affairs can be achieved through suggestions and valuable guidance from our customers. Hence, criticism is considered as a sign of our maturity and growth.